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Accent Training - American/British/Neutral

E4U Global Academy provides the best accent training classes. We outreached to many corporates to conduct accent neutralization training in a very short span of time. Companies like PWC/Legitimate technologies are few in this list. we train on American Accent /British Accent and Neutral accent, we train Vowels and consonant sounds, Articulation of speech sound, Manner of articulation, organs of speech and airstream mechanism, word stress, Pitch and intonation, reduction of MTI with the help of audios and videos. We also train the difference between American and British Sounds differences, all our trainers are native English speakers. We are offering online and classroom accent classes for students and corporates with well-equipped communication labs.


  • Wherever & whenever: Learn at your convenient time and place
  • Top-notch faculty: Experts in accent training /having more than 10years of experience in Voice and accent training
  • Social networking: Get in touch with peers and faculties through Webinars and forums

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Price : 500 $

Max Availability : 10